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Workingman’s Dead, The Wall, Funeral, Jewelz, Clube De Esquina, Tupelo Honey, One in a Million, Moon Safari, Something/Anything, Aquemini, Something To Write Home About, Let It Die, Since I Left You, I’m Still In Love With You, The Hour of The Bewilderbeast, Check Your Head, The Three E.P’s, #1 Record, Post, Inspiration Information, The Cold Vein, Tapestry, Hell Hath No Fury, Discovery, Heroes, Your Blues, Mama’s Gun, Connected, The Argument, The Bends, Entertainment!, Livin Proof, 3rd Eye Vision, Live Through This, Teen Dream, 3 +3, The Sun Rises In The East, Insignificance, Court And Spark, Justified, Coney Island Baby, Before The Dawn Heals Us, Loveless, Tical, Alphabetical, 1999, The Unseen, Tim, Aja, Dots & Loops
All great albums from various artists from different time periods in music. There’s something about an album that your peer group, society, parents, etc embrace. It sticks. You couldn’t get away from it if you tried. It’s played religiously. it’s quoted, sung, referenced and analyzed 1000 different ways (particularly if your peer group is comprised of music geeks). It becomes the soundtrack to a particular time in your life and has its own unique relationship with each individual listener. Be it heartbreak, jubilation, excitement, or mourning, an album that goes with you through the journey is there in the future to revisit those same feelings with (sometimes not a good thing). No matter the score we quickly remember those feelings and most of all the love of the album that represented a particular time in our lives.

My earliest remembrance of a classic album for myself was my mother playing the Earth, Wind, and Fire record “I Am” OUT. She played a lot of Earth, Wind, and Fire albums but this one stuck for some reason or another. She probably played it for about 6 months straight. I heard it while getting ready for school, when I came home, at her parties, and when she sang it on bus trips. She loved it. I had no choice in the matter of liking it. She ruled the sound system, I lived in her house, and my choice would have been some lame Sesame Street kids stuff anyway. The first three tracks: “In The Stone”, “Can’t Let Go,” and “After The Love Is Gone” were killers. We’d dance in our living room for the first two and slow dance for “After”. When I hear these songs it takes me back to a good time in my life where I discovered my love of music through her mutual love for it.
I now believe that all moments naturally have musical accompaniment. All of my memories include albums that society at large was into, my peer groups choices (especially in the case of the cult album), and individual albums that were particular to my personal situations. I have favorite albums that don’t represent a particular memory to, but new memories are commonly created with these albums when strangers sing-a-long to the same song or nod their head at a show or at a random bar. There’s a connection that music and in particular a classic album has in bringing us together.  As time went on I began to see how there’s unspoken agreements about certain albums and their ability to unite people (and split them up as we’ve all had many arguments regarding so and so album being that crucial in rebuttal to others not being into said album).
Classics Party is a brand I created to celebrate that connection that we all share with these albums. Be it in the digital sphere or event series I want to embrace that commonality and create new moments and put others on to great albums that they don’t know (myself included). The blog and event series will cover various genres of music from various era’s in music. My goal is to share albums that I’ve connected with on a individual level and through the various peer groups I’ve been apart of, and discover albums that I haven’t encountered by having the site be a forum for readers to put us all on to what albums they consider classic. The event portion is going to be really cool, where we’ll get some great DJ’s and artists to help us celebrate these albums. I’m already in planning for the first event. Trust me it’s going to be great.
Also, by no means is this site a thorough list of everything great from every era, genre, etc and will be relatively subjective. You can go to allmusic.com for that. We’ll be featuring different albums, sharing stories, and throwing great events. Let’s make some new memories.
– Kim
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