Classics Party #1: Aquemini

It's him and I...Aquemini

Classics Party Presents: A Celebration of Aquemini by Outkast
With DJ Ayres
9/30/10 | Thursday | 8pm – 11pm

No Malice Palace

197 East 3rd Street (Btwn Avenue A & Avenue B)
New York,  NY
Featuring all of the songs from Aquemini along with music from artists that influenced and were influenced by this monumental recording.
Complimentary 42BELOW Vodka cocktails for the first hour of the event. 21+


For the first edition of Classics Party the album “Aquemini” by the legendary group Outkast will be celebrated. In selecting the first album that would be featured I couldn’t think of another album from my musical upbringing that embodies the spirit of Classics Party as Aquemini does with its daring approach and multitude of styles
. With its mix of backyard southern flare, spaced out funk, and progressive subject matter, Aquemini challenged music and cemented Outkast’s reputation as one of the most progressive groups of the 90’s.

Taking us on this musical journey of Aquemini, the music that inspired the recording, and the artists it ultimately influenced will be DJ Ayres who with his crew The Rub released the amazing “History of Hip-Hop 2000-2009” mix series this year. We’ll also have a one hour special open bar courtesy of our friends at 42BELOW Vodka. Please join us in commemorating this landmark album and the launch of Classics Party.
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