Classics Party #2: No Jacket Required

Classics Party Presents: A Celebration of No Jacket Required By Phil Collins
DJ Set by Obey City
12/9/10 | Thursday | 8pm – 11pm 

The Woods

48 South 4th Street

Brooklyn, NY
Featuring songs from No Jacket Required along with music from artists that influenced and were influenced by this monumental recording.
Complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbon for the first hour of the event. 21+
Please join us in celebrating “No Jacket Required” by Phil Collins on 12/9/10 at The Woods. This 1985 masterpiece sold millions upon millions of copies and launched Collins into the further realms of superstardom. Obey City will be Dj’ing the event as we’ll be playing the hits, album cuts, and various music that influenced and was influenced by “No Jacket”. We’ll go from his progressive roots and 80’s contemporaries to today’s Hip Hop and Indie artists that further the ideas that Collins created over 30 years ago. We’ll have complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbon for the first hour and great drink specials throughout the night. Take me HOME!!!
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