Classics Party #2: No Jacket Required Mix

(Artwork: Kenji Enos)

In preparation for Classics Party #2 No Jacket Required by Phil Collins I put together a mix. The mix takes us from Collins prog/pop transition with Genesis to perfecting his sound to a chorus of hundreds of thousands of fans singing along live at the apex of his solo career. The mix also features songs from artists who’s work touch upon the same sonic motifs that Collins established between 80-85 as a solo artist and with Genesis.

Get the mix, track-list, and break down of each song below.
CP#2: No Jacket Required Mix (Listen) (DL)
Behind The Lines – Genesis
Karaoke – Drake
Mama – Genesis
Welcome To Heartbreak – Kanye West Ft. Kid Cudi
I Don’t Care Anymore – Phil Collins
Tom Gist – Cam’ron Ft. Tom Gist
Long Long Way To Go – Phil Collins Ft. Sting
Lust For Life – Drake
In The Air Tonight (1980 Demo) – Phil Collins
Lost In The World – Kanye West Ft. Bon Iver
Days of Our Lives – Restless People
Take Me Home (LIVE) – Phil Collins

Behind The Lines – Genesis
A great song to kick off the mix. This song breaths excitement as it feels like your being quickly dragged through a maze. It settles and then phil starts it up. From the album “Duke”, “Behind The Lines” is a interesting song as it embodies both Genesis’s past and future. The song is definitely a prog rock song but it changes up within the middle allowing Phil to sing a relatively straight ahead simple verse. After a couple of verses the song goes back into the maze feel and progs out. Pay attention to the drumming on the recording as Collins kills it.
Karaoke – Drake
Karaoke is a collaboration between Drake and the singer Francis Starlight from the band “Francis and The Lights.” Francis and The Lights have been compared to artists like Peter Gabriel, 80’s Randy Newman, and of course Phil Collins. Drake is a huge fan of Francis’s and enlisted him to produce a track for the album. It makes sense that Drake is a fan as his and Francis’s work use a few of the same production ideals that Collins and Gabriel established. Dig the warm synths on this song.
Mama – Genesis
“Mama” has a light gothic and industrial feel. The sounds used on this song are apparent in a lot of music today. I put this song on the mix to show a great example of Phil’s drum programming skills and great ability to mix it with his spectacular live drumming.
Welcome To Heartbreak – Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi
This was one of the first songs I heard from 808’s and Heartbreaks. After listening to it I immediately thought of Collins. The drum programming and great use of live non traditional drums were influenced by Collins. When I think of tom drum rolls and using the tom drums in place of snare hits I think of Collins. Kanye West uses the approach well particularly at the end when the tom’s are beating in unison with the string section.
I Don’t Care Anymore – Phil Collins
One of Collins most popular songs that utilize the tom drum ideal mentioned in the previous entry.
Tom Gist – Cam’ron ft. Tom Gist
This song samples the Collins song “Long Long Way to Go.” The song was on Cam’ron’s “Public Enemy #1” mixtape. I’m guessing this was when sped up samples were all the rage (something Kanye West pioneered).
Long Long Way To Go – Phil Collins ft. Sting
The original song that “Tom Gist” sampled. This song has the hallmarks of Collins most direct influence on artists like Drake and Kanye West: murky filtered tom drum hits over meditative sounding productions. Sting on the Hook!
Lust For Life – Drake
I love this song. I placed it after  “Long Long Way to Go” so you could hear the direct influence of murky off time tom hits and filtered synths like the previous song. The warmth and sub-spacey production ideals Collins created were taken to new levels by Drake’s producers here.
In The Air Tonight (1980 Demo) – Phil Collins
A haunting demo rendition of one of Collins biggest hits.
Lost In The World – Kanye West ft. Bon Iver
The drums and world beat influence on “Lost In The World” are all Collins staples but this is Kanye’s song more than anyone’s. The song finds him perfecting all of the ideas on his previous albums (including 808’s which is influenced by Collins) and creating a new sound from those influences.
Days of Our Lives – Restless People
These guys are Collins fans. Their also a great band. Their use of drums and world beat influence akin to many of Collins songs including…
Take Me Home (LIVE) – Phil Collins
No better song to end with that bridges all of the previous ideas mentioned then “Take Me Home.” The song brings everything together with its use of programmed/live drums, world beat influence, and upraising chorus that make it one of Collins greatest songs.
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